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General Informartion

Student Rules

  • 1They must attend the classes regularly in time to achieve at least 80% attendance for allowing them to appear in the Examination as per norms of WBSCTE/Momentech.

  • 2Absence in classes on flimsy ground is strictly prohibited.

  • 3If a student is found absent for one month or more without intimation or valid permission from the competent Authority of the Institute, his/her name will be struck off from the Roll Register.

  • 4 Students absent from classes must have the valid reason of absence and obtain approval from the Principal. In case of illness, student has to inform the institute within 2 days and produced a medical fitness certificate on resuming classes.

  • 5 Tuition fee and other fees must be deposited in time as per Notice.

  • 6Students should behave politely inside the Institute campus and elsewhere.

  • 7Students should obey all faculties/instructors and non-teaching staff and help the Institute to function smoothly.

  • 8The student must inform in writing for any change of address/contact number of parents/guardian.

  • 9The students must not loiter or indulge in noisy or disorderly conduct in the class-rooms, corridors or inside the Institute campus

  • 10Attempt of unfair means in Examination is strictly prohibited.

  • 11In case of violation of aforesaid instruction, the competent Authority of the Institute will take disciplinary action as per norm.

General Guidelines

Every student of this institute shall abide by the rules of this institute, which may be updated from time to time. Admission is subject to eligibility clearance from the University. Migration Certificate is essential for seeking admission to the course along with other documents.

Admissions will be cancelled in case of
  1. Not submitting the required documents in time
  2. Submission of fake or incorrect documents
  3. Failing to fulfill required eligibility criteria of the respective course

Admission will be confirmed only after payment of prescribed fees. For the subsequent years, students are required to register again as per the schedule declared from time to time by paying the prescribed fees for that year. In case of failure to pay the prescribed fees before the stipulated date, a late fee of Rs. 100/- per week will be charged.

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